French composer, arranger, pianist based in London, UK.

Despite my eclectic background, my focus is now around music and cinema: I studied classical piano and music theory for eleven years, but after secondary school I turned to composition, and film music in particular. I discovered a huge number of films and gradually became fascinated by their music. Alongside the bands and concerts I was doing, I was taking cinema courses at university and I directed and co-directed four short films and a medium-length student film. I was then able to experiment with a lot of student projects, around thirty short and medium-length films. In 2023, I took it to the next level by producing a cine-concert with an orchestra, winning second prize for composition for wind quintet, the OST Challenge prize, and be played by the Orchestre National d’Auvergne. In August 2023, I released my first professional studio EP Album “Wild Walk”, orchestrated for 29 musicians and singers, mixing funk, jazz, classical and rock songs and instrumentals.

I am currently studying at the Royal College of Music for a Master of Composition for Screen, thanks to the Michael Champion scholarship. Recent projects in London include scoring a silent film “Trip to Jupiter” for live orchestra in a cine-concert; recording at Abbey Rd Studios in partnership with their institute; arranging and producing an orchestral pop-rock single with singer-songwriter Luke Hasler; joining psychedelic rock band “Overlord” as a keyboardist.

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In studio for my first EP Album in May 2023


As Sound Engineer on a shooting   As Sound Engineer on a shooting


Recording the soundtrack of my film

Recording the soundtrack of my movie