Captain Fish (Re-Scored)

A film by John Banana, Original Music by Erwann Chandon, re-scored for the Music for Screen certificate at the Montpellier Conservatory

Outraged by the idea of eating breaded fish, a little girl sets up an operation to save her dinner.

La Chamade (Re-Scored)

A short movie by Emma Séméria, re-scored for the International Contest "OST Challenge"

School is resuming soon and 15-year-old Camélia has a special favor to ask Salah, her childhood best friend. She would like to practice French kissing before summer ends...

Dracula (Cine-Concert)

The Tod Browning feature film with Bela Lugosi, 1931. Scored for the live cine-concert performed by the Écus'son Orchestra in June 2023.

Boxing Gloves

A short movie by Valentin Fernandez, Hugo Prévot & Pierre Catherine-Buffet for the "48h Challenge"

La Dame de Montfermeil

A short film by Arthur Dangréau, Produced by L'Émilio Films

A mysterious woman approaches a shop with an apparently fake front. She enters and visits this shop lost in the middle of a desert landscape. What are the reasons for her visit and the ambiguity of her attitude during her crossing?

Le Casse Humanitaire

A medium-length film by Pierre Catherine-Buffet

Four young secret agents are hired by the Comité d’Actions Humanitaires Ultra Secrètes for a very special mission: to steal a large sum of money from a wealthy wine producer without being discovered. Their individual personalities and skills come together as a group to serve this mysterious cause.


A medium-length film by Franck & Raphaël Clozeau, produced by Le Clap Studio

In 2155, as sea levels rise and global warming spirals out of control, Mark LESTER deserts from the CONSORTIUM army in SERKIS, a slave-owning megalopolis. He meets Clara, a rebel who has taken refuge with her family in a disused factory in the middle of the desert.


A short movie by Valentin Fernandez & Pierre Catherine-Buffet, produced by L'Émilio Films

Radiomania station offers its listeners a variety of music and programmes every day. When, during the daily news bulletin, an unknown frequency suddenly appears on the switchboard, the broadcast team finds itself prey to unusual phenomena...


A short movie by Nino Pieuchon, produced by L'Émilio Films

Vintage horror & teen movie story...

Videomemo 2006

A short movie by Valentin Fernandez

Accompanied by cinema students in Montpellier, the creation of Videomemo 2006 is a mixture of personal memory and vision of a time when the physical dimension of cinema was omnipresent. Objects such as DVDs, television and the video club helped me to learn about this art form and to develop a passion, and then a vocation, for cinema. The CSA awareness-raising advert was as striking as it was traumatic. All the sensations that films and videos can give us, the viewers. Plunge inside a thought on the look of his childhood. The influences are many and this video will be a treasure hunt for you.

Radio Dodo

A short comedy movie by Théo Jamin & Nino Pieuchon

Philide is in bed, trying as best he can to fall asleep. As he does every night, he is constantly disturbed by an imaginary radio that plays back his worst memories and fears, symbolising the nocturnal anxieties that can keep us awake. Will he make it through the night?


A short movie by Franck Clozeau, produced by LeClap Studio

A writer falls in love with the young heroine of his novel, Elle. Through the power of his imagination, Elle comes to visit him and takes him into her world, the world he has created for her


A short film by Colin Granier, Produced by Cinéa

Diana is a clairvoyant with incredible powers, which sets her apart from her colleagues. Diana knows her job inside out. But what Diana doesn't expect is to come across THE unluckiest person on Earth. Helpless in the face of her merciless bad luck, she tries her best to save the day and find some good in her client's future. Diana's music complements the image, at times mysterious and tragic, dark or warm, carried by the haunting harp and the frenzied vocals.


A short movie by Paul Bour

In this highly aesthetic film, a dancer becomes fascinated by blood and flesh after mutilating the back of his neck. The music joins the image in a gory and transcendent universe, with fiery electric guitars and hypnotic dance

Les Gens

A short movie by Pierre Catherine-Buffet

Everett is a quiet, observant young man. Today, he is depressed; he has a doctor's appointment and on his way he meets people who are very different from each other, but who all have the same desire: "to achieve happiness". People grumble, clash easily, contradict each other, and all this Everett observes, mute and blasé about life. That is, until he learns that a new life awaits him, because he has been cured of the serious illness that was making him depressed. But will he achieve absolute happiness in his burst of joy?

Un nouveau départ

A short movie by Valentin Fernandez & Pierre Catherine-Buffet

Short film made for Women's Rights Day and the "Montpellier pour l'égalité" competition. Versatile music, from drum n bass to jazz ballads and brassy rock, always with the same melody as a common thread.


A short movie by Lou-Anne Czaplicki

Toutes les nuances de Rouge

Accro (WebTV)

Light Leaves

Original Vocal & Piano piece created for the Composition contest "Comp'Occitanie", performed by Roxane Véga, Éloise Bosset, Orianne Giroud, & myself at the piano in Feb 2022

Espoir Adapté

A medium-length film by Louis Garcia (2020)

A 38-minute medium-length film that deserved a soundtrack that was heterogeneous in its styles but homogeneous in its colours... Listen to the soundtrack of this committed and rousing film here!

Au bout du chemin

A short movie by Pierre Catherine-Buffet (2019)

The essentially synthetic soundtrack is omnipresent in the short film, with two transcendent and rhythmic main themes, which are repeated in haunting and frenetic atmospheres

Le rêve

A short movie by Valentin Olindo (2020)

A short student film with dreamlike and fanciful aspects: a letter Paul is expecting is received in a dream, until reality catches up with his imagination...


A short movie by Louis Garcia (2019)

This short film, which deals with ethnic and religious tolerance, shows the lives and problems of three secondary school students who face cruel prejudice because of their differences. They then set about spreading a message of peace: CoeXisT. The music in this film is mixed but uniform: the few melancholy and luminous themes are repeated throughout the story, taking on oriental, rhythmic, electronic or even spirituous accents

Blue Honey (Re-Scored)

A short animated movie re-scored for the Sounndtrack Cologne 16 contest (2018)

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"Poèmes Saturniens": 3 pieces for chorus and piano from the texts by Paul Verlaine

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