Luke Hasler & Pierre Catherine-Buffet


Discover our orchestral pop-rock 2-sided single "Hourglass Café" recorded at the Royal College of Music and mixed by Chris Goldsmith from Abbey Road Institute.

Music Video Release


Part of the « Wild Walk » EP available on all streaming services. Footage by Arthur Dangréau & Lou-Anne Czaplicki.
Lyrics and vocals by Lucas Paramour, Amo & Madee. Music by Pierre Catherine-Buffet. Recorded by David 'Dad' Darmon on the 8th to 12th May 2023 at Mirador Sound Studio, Corconne, 30, France.

Silent film composition for orchestra

Trip to Jupiter Cine-Concert

Taking silent films from early cinema and pairing them with contemporary composers, screened with a live orchestra ⭐ - 16th February 2024

Psyche-Pop-Rock London-Based Band


Psychedelic indie/alternative

5-tracks EP Album


1 Lovely Sunrise [Radio Edit] (feat.Kingso) - lyrics by Valentin Fernandez
2 Nos amis randonneurs perdus dans les Cévennes atteindront-ils leur destination malgré leur mauvaise condition phisyqye et le changement d'heure inopportun ? - a.k.a. Wild Walk Song (feat.Roxane Vega)
3 Comme une Évidence (feat.Lucas Paramour, Amo & Madee) 4 The Chase 5 Éclipse ! (feat.Florent Zigliani) 6 Lovely Sunrise (feat.Kingso)
4 The Chase
5 Éclipse ! (feat.Florent Zigliani) 6 Lovely Sunrise (feat.Kingso)
6 Lovely Sunrise (feat.Kingso)

Orchestral Composition

DRACULA Ciné-Concert

Music performed by Orchestre Écus'Son conducted by Tobias Bodaud

OST Challenge 2023

International contest in Composition for Screen at Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival
Winner in the category "fiction", with the short movie "La Chamade" directed by Emma Séméria

Composition Contest in Dieppe

Wind Quintet

Winning the 2nd prize for the composition of "Une Journée dans le train" (A day in the train), in Dieppe for the WInd Quintet Composition Competition.
Performed and recorded 28th of may 2023 with students instrumentalists, with the participation of a guest bassoonist.