A medium-length movie written and direct by myself, without any budget, and composing, arranging and conducting the original score with a student orchestra.



Four young secret agents are hired by the Comité d’Actions Humanitaires Ultra Secrètes for a very special mission: to steal a large sum of money from a wealthy wine producer without being discovered. Their individual personalities and skills come together as a group to serve this mysterious cause.

Composing, arranging and conducting the original score

2 recording sessions in Cité des Arts in May 2022

Now DVD & CD Available !

DVD made by Hugo Paccard, DVD art created by Solène Hamon, and Original Soundtrack CD Album Art designed by Eddy Batifol

DVD: 7€ - £6

CD: 5€ - £4

Pack DVD & CD: 10€ - £8,50

Please contact pierre.cb@free.fr